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Workers' Compensation

New Port Richey Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Help Employees Injured on the Job Get the Compensation You Need


Decades of experience fighting for the rights of injured workers in Pasco County

Your family’s financial security should not be jeopardized if you are injured on the job. You have the right to recover full compensation for injuries suffered while on the job. A knowledgeable New Port Richey workers compensation lawyer can mean the difference in receiving compensation or fighting an uphill battle with employers and their insurance companies. At Carlson, Meissner, Hart & Hayslett, P.A., our Pasco County workers comp lawyers have decades of experience successfully litigating workers’ compensation cases. We are compassionate to your injuries and aggressively fight for financial security for injured workers and their families.

Pursuing the maximum amount of workers’ compensation benefits for you

Workers’ compensation insurance is provided by employers and is designed to protect employees from the burden of costs resulting from an injury occurring on the job. In Florida, employers with four or more employees must provide workers’ compensation insurance. This is the case whether the employees are full-time or part-time. If the business is in the construction industry and employs one or more employees, workers’ compensation insurance is required. Florida farmers with five or more employees and twelve or more additional seasonal employees must also carry coverage. And, all public employers must maintain workers’ compensation insurance.

Insurance companies and business owners work to minimize their financial responsibility when employees are injured on the job. Employers are only legally liable for injuries to the extent that you are able to prove that your injury impairs your ability to work, and for the duration of the effects of the injury. Our New Port Richey workers’ compensation attorneys have earned a notable reputation of success handling workers’ comp cases. We know how insurance companies work, and we create undeniable strategies to ensure you are fully compensated for your work-related injuries.

Types of damages Florida law entitles you to recover for your workers’ compensation claim

The goal of the Florida workers’ compensation law is to protect employees from being put into financial peril due to an injury suffered at work. As a result, injured workers can recover compensation for all losses stemming from a work-related injury. In addition to helping you maximize your recovery, we help you determine whether a lump sum, or payments over time, is in your best interest.

The types of monetary damages you can recover for your workers’ compensation claim include:

  • Past medical treatments
  • Future medical treatments
  • Lost wages
  • Transportation costs
  • Incidental costs from your injuries or inability to work

Acclaimed New Port Richey workers’ comp attorney, Paul Meissner, provides an informative video uncovering the truths about workers’ compensation. 

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