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Properly Documenting Your Accident Injury Can Improve Your Claim

No one expects to get into a life-altering accident. Unfortunately, millions of American each year are injured in accidents. In the workplace alone, there are more than 100 cases of severe injuries per 10,000 full-time workers. Sometimes, these accidents are the result of negligence on the part of individuals and companies. In these instances, it is essential to properly document your accident injury to ensure you are able to get the compensation you need and deserve to recover and move on with your life.

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If you’ve been injured in an accident, your first concern should be seeking medical attention. In fact, waiting to seek medical care can negatively impact your claim. But once the emergency has abated, obtain as much documentation on the accident and the circumstances that led to it as you possibly can. Remember that memories fade, but what is captured in writing or in photography can last forever. For example, a witness at an accident who is able to record or write what they saw soon after the incident may have a more credible story to tell than one who is asked months after the fact to recount the events.

Photos can also be incredibly powerful tools in telling a story. Describing an injury to a jury is important, but being able to show them how seriously you were impacted by an accident with a photo can help make a more lasting impression. Photos of the scene may also assist in demonstrating how the accident occurred. Was there a pool of water in the aisle that caused you to fall? Or another dangerous condition that contributed to your accident? These are essential factors we will need to prove when establishing your claim, and having photographic evidence can be extremely helpful.

In addition to hard records of accident itself, you should keep a copy of everything that follows. This includes medical records, medical bills, prescription receipts, records of time taken off work or school, and anything else which demonstrates how the accident has impacted your life. You may also consider creating your own personal record. Keeping a narrative log of how the accident is affecting you, whether it’s physically, emotionally, financially, or mentally, can be helpful in showing how much compensation you deserve.

After being injured in an accident, your focus should be on healing. Fighting to get the compensation you need is an added, and burdensome, stress. At Carlson, Meissner, Hart & Hayslett, P.A., our knowledgeable New Port Richey accident attorneys work aggressively to pursue your accident claim. We know how difficult this time can be and are dedicated to getting you payment for your injuries as quickly as possible. Don’t wait to schedule a free initial consultation. Call us at 727-835-5536 or contact us online. We have 5 convenient Tampa Bay area offices and offer evening and weekend appointments.


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