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DUI - Driving Under the Influence

New Port Richey DUI Lawyers Mount a Successful Challenge to Florida Driving Under the Influence Charges

A DUI conviction has a lifelong impact on a person’s life. Every legal avenue must be explored by the DUI defense attorney to avoid paying the maximum consequences. Experienced Florida DUI attorneys consider all possible legal avenues of mounting a defensive case strategy in these cases.

Although a DUI defense attorney should be challenging the state’s case against you at every front, there are some key defense points. The main points to consider challenging a Florida DUI include:

  • Requesting a formal hearing — Formal hearings after a DUI must be petitioned for right away after a DUI charge. Winning the hearing does not dismiss your case, but a victory allows you to keep your driver’s license as the case is pending and gives an idea of the strength of the state’s case.
  • The traffic stop — Being able to challenge your traffic stop can make all other evidence subsequently attained against you inadmissible in your case.
  • Field sobriety and blood alcohol content (BAC) tests — Our skilled DUI defense attorneys question the admissibility of your field sobriety and BAC tests. These tests are often unreliable and a forensic accounting of maintenance records sometimes uncovers accuracy issues with such tests.
  • Procedural mistakes or errors of law — Law enforcement makes mistakes. Cases are often dismissed when their errors are uncovered through evidentiary discovery.

DUI cases are winnable, when you have a knowledgeable Florida DUI attorney. We challenge your DUI charge at every appropriate front. The first battle is to maintain your driver’s license while your case is pending by winning a formal hearing with the Department of Motor Vehicles. Consulting with one of our DUI attorneys as soon as possible gives you the best chance to mount a successful defense.

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